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Photo Gallery


Our Photo Gallery

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District Governors.jpg (126050 bytes)     Our club has been fortunate to have had 2 District Governors since our beginnings in 1976.  Our first District Governor was LIon Russell Oxender, whose term in office was 1985-1986.  Our second District Governor was Lion Al Trausch, whose term in office was 1994-1995.  Pictured L-R:   PDG Al Trausch, PDG Russell Oxender, Lion Roberta Oxender and Lion Joan Trausch.   Unfortunately since this picture was take, Lion Roberta passed away after serving as our clubs first woman President.  Lion Roberta is missed by all of us, but we will always remember the joy she brought to each and every one of us.


Float.jpg (158140 bytes)      This picture was taken just before the 4th of July parade in Kunkle Ohio.  Not sure what year it was taken.  Pictured Front:  Lions Jon Beck, Lyle Roan, Ernie Ricks; Middle:  Lions Joan Trausch, Roberta Oxender, Russ Oxender, Al Trausch; Back:  Lions Gerald Hendricks, Charles Hinkle, Marion Young, Forrest Heller.



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